Friday, January 13, 2012

Picture Time

Have I mentioned that Drew Brees is AdvoCare's National Spokesperson?  Yep, he is.

You may think that's why I'm a's not or maybe I should say it wasn't.  I was actually a fan before knowing about AdvoCare...if you haven't read his book, Coming Back Stronger, you should--you'll be a fan too if you're not already.
But knowing that Brees trusted AdvoCare products when nutrition and performance are key components to him executing as a top-rated quarterback...that showed me these products I was being introduced to were of value.  They were an investment into my quality of life for the future.

Did you know that we have an AdvoCare Endorser in EVERY NFL Locker Room?  Did you know that AdvoCare has Endorsers from 20 different sports/entertainment categories....TWENTY!  Take a look at this link and see for yourself.: AdvoCare Endorsers

Every single one of the Endorsers on this list back AdvoCare products because of the results they provide NOT because they receive a paycheck because they don't...AdvoCare Endorsers are unpaid.  That says something to matters to me.
 I just thought I'd share this little tidbit of information because it was something that stuck in my head when I was first introduced.

By the way, I am chomping at the bit now to hit 40 pounds and post the next's quite the rush!

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